Open Bore MRI

MRITri-City Radiology has brought the latest magnetic resonance imaging technology to our community. Our state-of-the-art Magnetom Verio 3T MRI is the highest field strength, highest resolution MRI in the lower Columbia Basin.

The Magnetom Verio has a very large open bore to allow comfortable imaging on patients of all sizes and helps reduce anxiety and claustrophobia. Multi-channel imaging allows completion of patient procedures in record time.

With this innovative MRI, we are able to provide a quicker, more accurate diagnostic report to your physician.

Fully ACR Accredited MRI scanner.MRI Accreditied

How MRI works

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses a very strong magnet to visualize internal structures of the body in the cross-sectional plane. The patient lies within the magnet and radio waves are applied to the body to produce images. MRI provides very good contrast between the different tissues of the body. It is especially useful in imaging the brain, spine, breasts, and joints. The MRI at TCR has an extra-large opening for patient comfort.

Did you Know MRI

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Leaders in radiology in southeastern Washington,
Tri-City Radiology was established in 1952 and has remained on the cutting edge of technology in the imaging arena. TCR holds the areas only ACR accredited CT and MRI programs.

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Our top priority is to provide radiology services with the highest quality equipment and technologists in a comfortable atmosphere. All of our technologists are certified in their area of expertise. Our physicians have over 100 years combined medical experience and are certified by the American Board of Radiology.

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If you are looking for radiology services and have a high deductible or no insurance,
Tri-City Radiology is your most affordable choice for advanced medical imaging. We encourage our patients to do their own cost comparison. We have flexible payment options and your statement includes all your imaging, supplies and reading fees.

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